Meet our team - Jordan Cain

One of the newest members to the McKean McGregor Property Management Team, Jordan brings energy and passion to everything she does. Jordan shared her thoughts on what good property management is and what the new RTA changes mean, as well as a sneak peak into what it is like to work at McKean McGregor.

By Brock Pinner


What does good property management service mean to you?
Property Management is not always rainbows and sunshines, however it is important to keep a positive attitude throughout all situations. I believe that a good property management team is to be able to provide a comprehensive and truthful relationship between our clients, while learning from sticky situations that can occur. As each individual client has their own wants and needs, it is important to adapt and connect to ensure they are comfortable and happy with the service they are receiving. 

What is your best tip for residential property providers (landlords) in managing their property?
The best tip for a rental provider is to work with a team you trust. Our team is well trained in the new regulations and will always provide you with honest and reliable advice. We strive to keep clear communication between both the rental providers and renters. Just like Simon Sinek once said, “A team is not a group of people who work together, it is a group of people who trust in one another”. 

In a sentence how would you sum up the recent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act?
The changes have occurred to establish a clearer understanding between the renters and rental providers responsibilities. Our team has adjusted to the regulation changes by implementing new procedures and protocols to ensure each property is compliant. Each day we are learning and teaching our clients on the new regulations. 

What do enjoy most about property management?
The most enjoyable part of property management is connecting and building relationships with people. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my current and future clients by having a conversation or meeting with them. 

How would you describe the culture at McKean McGregor?
The culture at McKean McGregor is described in two words… ‘Legend Convention’. The team at McKean McGregor are one of the best working-families I have ever worked with. They continuously support and encourage one another, while going above and beyond for each other and all of our clients.