Quarry Hill, 3550

Quarry Hill - Inner city with a rich suburban character

With vistas across the National Park and walking distance to the city centre, Quarry Hill is popular for its proximity and beauty. Tree-lined streets and historical homes on spacious allotments have created a charming suburb that is tightly-held.

The area was initially known as Charcoal Gully, and an Anglican school was built there in 1857. This school was replaced with Sandhurst East State School in 1873, which was renamed Quarry Hill Primary School in 1908 and moved to its current Peel Street location in 1910. It is said the name originated from a building stone quarry in the area, however this was later filled and its location is unknown.

There are a number of notable buildings in Quarry Hill that showcase the very best in Victorian and Edwardian architecture, namely The Eyrie (1874) in Reginald Street, Edelweiss (1890) in Hamlet Street and Penwinnick (1895) in Harkness Street. Penwinnick was built by William Vahland for timber merchant and two-time mayor, John Robert Hoskins, and much of the elaborate timber detail inside and out remains today. Edelweiss was built for Sir John Quick, constitutional lawyer and Bendigo parliamentarian. In retirement, Quick served on the committees of the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Mechanics Institute and was instrumental in establishing the Quarry Hill Golf Club. The Eryie, along with the expansive Bendigo Cemetery further down the hill, is on the Victorian Heritage Register. The cemetery is a wonderful walk through the city’s history.

Quarry Hill has a golf course, and in addition to the State Primary School there is a Catholic Primary School (est 1907) and a Catholic Church that shares its space with other denominations. Wolstencroft Park, a former tip site, has been slowly converted to a park as soil has improved, thanks to a small group of persistent locals looking to establish a shared green space. It’s Halloween and Winter Solstice get togethers have become very popular with families both in and outside the area. The Old Church On The Hill, another popular community establishment, was once the location of an open-air Wesley Methodist Church before local architect William Beebe offered his services at no charge to the Parrish of Sandhurst, who purchased the land. The church (1900), Sunday School building (1912) and hall (1961) was purchased by a philanthropic group in 2013 and now hosts a number of events along with a thriving community garden.

Quarry Hill, despite being a short walk to the centre of Bendigo, offers a strong community ensuring locals are reluctant to leave. This, combined with great services and beautiful homes, cements the area as one that will always be highly-sought after.

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